Enhanced Support for Your Path to Possible

At Rahma Garden, we strive to ensure that your stay with us is both comfortable and successful. We are dedicated to providing the necessary support that complements your individual Path to Possible.

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Features and Amenities

  • Unrestricted visiting hours, allowing for flexible and convenient visits from loved ones.
  • Pets are welcome to visit, ensuring a comforting and familiar environment.
  • A dedicated unit specifically designed for Transitional Care, providing specialized support.
  • A Transitional Care Manager who coordinates your care from admission to discharge, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive experience.
  • Flexible dining options, including access to a private dining room for personalized meals.
  • On-site Mosque, making it convenient to maintain your religious needs.
  • Proximity to the Hospital, located just 13 miles away or a short 23-minute drive.
  • WiFi network is available to support the use of personal electronic devices.

Clinical Capabilities

  • An on-site medical Assistant is available to oversee medical care.
  • Specialized care for stroke and neurological event recovery.
  • Post-surgical recovery care, including management of surgical drains.
  • Certified wound care nurse on staff to provide specialized wound care services.
  • NG Tube management for patients requiring nutritional support.
  • Administration of IV medications, including Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN).
  • On-site physical therapy services to aid in rehabilitation and recovery.
  • On-site meditation services.
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